How to buy on Decochic?

If you are a user accustomed to buying on e-commerce sites will be easy to find your way, choose the products that interest you and continue until paid. If you have never made a purchase via the web or if you find it difficult to understand how you can follow our guide:

1. Find the item of your interest

To find the item of your interest there are more ways to do this: you can browse through the categories that you can find on the left under the word "CATEGORIES" Or enter the name of the product you are looking for on the search field at the top right of each page site By clicking on the photo of the item you can browse the features.

2. Add the item to a shopping cart

By clicking on the button "add to cart" the article you have chosen will be included in a virtual cart that will contain all the items you want to buy. When you enter your item into the basket you have not bought the product, you can still delete it, revise the characteristics, delete it from the cart before the actual order itself. Repeat this for all items that are of interest.

3. Review the order

If you click CART displays the summary page. From this page you can view all items that until that moment you entered the cart, change quantities and, if necessary, delete the items you entered in error or you are no longer interested in buying. You'll also see a list of prices and the sum total of the order. Check that all the details are correct and click on "CHECKOUT" to continue: you will be asked if you register or log in with your details.

4. Register your account

If you've never made a purchase on our site and want to complete your order you must register to provide us with all the necessary data to the shipment and billing. Make then click on "CREATE AN ACCOUNT" button and enter your email address and then complila all fields, you then click on "REGISTER". You'll have to follow this procedure only to your first purchase. Enter instead your email address and password you provided previously to be recognized by our system, if you have previously made other purchases, or if you have already registered on the site.

5. Proceed with the payment

At this point you will be redirected on the checkout page. For our payments we chose Paypal, the most popular and secure payment system via the Internet, already noted for use by those who buy via eBay, but it 's also possible to pay by bank transfer or cash on delivery cash on delivery.


To make the payment you need not be registered to Paypal service, however if you are a member, you can follow the normal purchase procedure you know. If , however , you are not a PayPal account and enter the data of your credit card where it is required and proceed with payment and follow all instructions on the monitor . If payment has been successful , congratulations , your order has been accepted . You receive email notification of the transaction by PayPal and our acknowledgment.

You can choose payment by bank wire trasfer:


Decochic Di Dal Dosso Federica

Unicredit Banca

IBAN : IT40J0200860792000101307473


6. Your job is completed

Your order will be processed and shipped within 1-2 business days, unless the product is sold, then in that case you will notify by email, where they will be shown the estimated time for delivery. You will receive at home the items you've purchased by courier DHL.

If the ordered items are in stock, the goods are entrusted to the courier within 1/2 working days (after verification of payment, except for the mark) and then generally delivered in 48/36 working hours after the taking over by courier. You will be informed, via e-mail or by telephone, on 'unavailability of the goods in the warehouse and on the expected delivery times.

For any further information call  our customer care number:

Phone or Whatsapp 0039-349-7748176 .